Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – April 15, 2014

by Steven Dybvad

My good friend, Kurt and
his family are going through difficult times right now. Kurt had to face one of
the worst fears of imprisonment, losing a family member, Kurt’s grandfather
past away and he’s not taking it well. Just like me, when I lost my Aunt Norma,
Kurt is obviously trying to keep his emotions locked in to himself.
Internalizing seems to be the only choice we really have in prison, too many
people search for weaknesses in others in order to prey on them, this is just
another unfortunate fact of prison. When inmates lose a loved one, we don’t
ever really get a chance to mourn like the rest of the family, by doing things
like going to the funeral, hugging other family members in mourning, consoling
each other, etc. Every time I stop to think about my Aunt Norma’s’ passing, it
just seems so surreal, almost as if I’ll see her when I come home. As a friend
of Kurt and a person that cares, I will do my best to reach out to him and
talk, whenever he’s ready to talk, because I know that this is something I
myself would appreciate from another

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