Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – April 23, 2014

by Steven Dybvad

I’ve been having a very difficult time dealing with my new cell mate lately. He lives a life in prison that is completely opposite to the life I live in here and for that major reason, we clash. My celly stays up all hours of the night, like some teenager, then he sleeps all day. I told him in the beginning that I’m not going to tip-toe around the cell during the day, or change my daily goals and routines just so he can sleep. My celly lives like a pig, I’m constantly telling him to clean up after himself, and then he asks me why I’m short with him and won’t have conversations. I refuse to waste a single moment of my time associating myself with a man going backwards with their life, while I’m attempting to move forward, insuring the success of my future through goals and hard work. There are many other things that I would like to say about my celly, things that I will not tolerate in my cell, but I just can’t go into detail. I told him today that he needs to find a way to move out of here and in with one of his buddies. I’ve been trying to get my friend, Kurt to move in with me for a few months now and soon he will be, but it’s just not coming soon enough.

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