Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – January 29, 2013

by Steven Dybvad

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I just received a pass for surprise follow-up with the dentist. They want to pull some of my teeth but, I’m trying to salvage what I have left until my release, so that I can get the best dental treatment I can, and possibly save my teeth, instead of having to replace them with fake ones.

I just had one tooth pulled, and the dentist wants to pull more. He says that my past life of drugs and partying has pushed my teeth to the point of no return. The dentist wants to replace my upper teeth with a set of dentures. The thought of dentures sickens me but, I have to accept this as a part of the wreckage of my past and move on. Luckily, my lower teeth are in good shape. The doctor said that most of my decay is probably from my severe acid reflux and consistent vomiting after a long day of drugs and alcohol. I know this sounds terrible but this is the ugly truth of the kind of life I was living on the streets. I just continue to thank God every day for saving my life, and giving me yet another chance to turn around and make a difference.

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