Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – June 12, 2014

by Steven Dybvad


More continued harassment. Once again the guards are harassing my friend, Kurt and I fear that I may be next. This time it has to do with another inmate. Kurt was the third person to get called down to the Captains’ office for questioning about an inmate from our block who is currently in the hole for reasons that none of us are completely sure about. This inmate in the hole is simply someone that we speak to, much like many of the other inmates in this block, simply because we all live together. Seeing others every day is a necessary part of doing time in prison and yet we continue to be threatened by staff members in a failed attempt to extract information that we don’t have. Kurt was asked about some kite that someone wrote about the inmate in the hole. The guards and other higher authorities made Kurt write a few things on paper as a sample to compare to the handwriting on the kite. This of course isn’t the troubling issue; I would say it’s a proper standard investigating procedure. But what’s really troubling is what else they did. These guys threatened to throw him in the hole, raise his security level and ride him out another prison if he didn’t tell them what he knew, which is absolutely nothing. But that’s not all. They also threatened to take his visitations with his family away, they were in his face in an extremely threatening manner, and vocalizing that they would beat him up if he didn’t talk, coupled with various other threats. Of course Kurt doesn’t know anything about this situation because like me he doesn’t get involved in anything that has anything to do with anybody else other than himself, always focusing on his own life and future. We have done nothing to warrant such harassment by the very individuals that are paid to protect us. Two weeks ago this questioning first started with the celly of the man in the hole, and then they questioned another man that he talks to also, then Kurt. Of course like many other inmates in here, I have also spoken to this man on several occasions; we even used to play spades while waiting to be called to chow a while back. This is why I fear I’m next. Like everyone else I have no idea what this entire situation is about. All I know is that like Kurt, I don’t deserve any of the mistreatment by staff that is likely about to happen. They can throw me in the hole, or beat me up, or do anything else that they threatened to do to these other guys, but I’ll be damned if I don’t notify the public of know what’s going on. This is my only weapon of defense and if something happens to me soon, then at least you will all know what’s going on and I will have proof of the constant injustices that plague these prisons.

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