Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – June 17, 2014

by Steven Dybvad


I signed up for a money smart program almost an entire year ago, so long I almost forgot I signed up for such a thing. Now just today I saw that I’m in the list to attend the course tonight and every Monday night for the next twelve weeks. Not that I mind taking the class, because I’m happy to do it. It’s just that it seems like all these classes are coming on all at once, leaving me extremely busy which is good, but I’m just starting to feel a little overwhelmed. With running, strength training, yoga, spiritual readings, meditation, focus group, guitar practice and horticulture getting ready to start which is five days a week it makes it hard to manage time for other things like painting, soap carving, or card making for family birthdays and occasions, maintaining my blog, responding to emails and many other things. This really makes me think about how difficult it’s going to be in society when I have to add a full time job, paying bills, maintaining a house and quality time with family and children. At the end of the day I’m happy to be busy all the time, its better preparation for the real world.

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