Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – June 4, 2014

by Steven Dybvad


Kurt and I have a very similar daily routine. What’s really nice is that we both go to bed at the same time, no longer having to worry about the door being open and unlocked while I’m sleeping. Often Kurt and I talk before going to sleep, saying goodnight. It sounds a little weird typing this in my blog, but the reason I say this is because something as simple as saying goodnight to someone while in prison brings back so many feelings of being free, at home, in the presence of love ones. I haven’t said something as human as goodnight to another person in over three years. So much time goes by, where one can feel so disconnected from life. Prison is just so dehumanizing to the point where you have to create callousness for things in order to cope with the day to day in here. Having a cellmate that I care enough about to converse with, confide in and say goodnight to just make me feel a little more human again.
Kurt and I sat down for a couple hours, talking about life, addiction, and the poor decisions of our past, family, a few war stories and on and on we talked. I haven’t been so open with another person in many years. This is another great step forward in my recovery, attempting to act like a normal functioning human without the use of substances in my life, thus preparing for a successful life upon release from prison.

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