Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – March 22, 2014

by Steven Dybvad


I sent another kite to the educational department recently to make sure that I am in fact still on the waiting list for the horticulture class this year. I just received a response to my kite that was a little disconcerting to read. This time the response was yes, I am on the waiting list for class, but they weren’t sure when I would get a chance to start, that means it might not be this time around, which means that I would have to wait another year and that would be very unfortunate because this year is my last and only chance for class because the course is twelve months long, meaning that I wouldn’t have enough time left in my prison sentence to complete the course if they make me wait until next year. I really want to take this class, not for a piece of paper that says I completed something to make me look good in front of the prison board like many inmates do for an early release, I ‘m doing this for my own personal benefit and education, I want to learn as much as I can about plants and how to treat them, I’m fascinated with plants and gardening, I always have been. This is a rare opportunity for me to learn before being released, where I’ll have to work to earn a living, making it much more difficult to find the time and money for such an education. I only hope they don’t squander my chances off on someone else who might take such an opportunity for granted

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