Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – March 3, 2013

by Steven Dybvad

Sunday, March 3, 2013.

We had another fire drill today. The SRT officers were here to help out as extra staff. One block at a time, we all had the pileup in the chalice, as a fire alarm went off; they unlocked everyone’s cell, all at once.

A lot of rules have been changing and privileges being taken away. Since the new warden has arrived, he’s gradually changing Lebanon into a total disciplinary prison. Some blocks are already experiencing the changes. Some of the inmates that are causing more problems are being sent to other blocks, where there is no time out of the cell, no state pay, no commissary, or anything else in their cells, except for hygiene and writing supplies. These, along with many other changes, are quickly starting to take place. I’m very grateful not to have any disciplinary infractions, speeding up my chances of transferring to a better prison soon.

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