Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – March 4, 2013

by Steven Dybvad

Monday, March 4, 2013

I just got word that this block is in fact moving about 40 men to about 20 different cells out of here to other blocks in order to accommodate people from the restricted block. I guess they’re making the block I’m in right now, which is F unit. The religious block. I’m trying not to let this bother me, or stress me out. But, there’s no way around it, it is very stressful to think that I’ll be torn from my semi-safe and familiar environment and placed in an environment that’s much worse. I went through this many times during my 15 months in the County jail, and never gets any easier. Especially being in a high-security prison such as this one, were day-to-day life is a great deal more dangerous than the County jail.

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