Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – March 5, 2013

by Steven Dybvad

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I had a great conversation with my mother and father on the phone last night. I only wish it was easier to get on the phone, that way I could talk to them more often. I spent over an hour waiting in line with obnoxious men, in order to get a 15 min. phone call but it was well worth it. Last week I was lucky enough to catch both of my children that I miss so much, at my parents’ house, spending time with them. I am so eternally grateful for the amount of quality time and love my parents bestow upon my children, who desperately need love and direction from positive role models such as them. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better family, and it’s a constant reminder that my turbulent life in prison has light at the end of the tunnel. So long as I stay the path I have chosen, no matter how successful, my future will be richly fulfilled with love from so many great people that God has placed in my life.

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