Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – March 8, 2013

by Steven Dybvad

Friday, March 8, 2013.

Physical fitness has had a lasting, powerful effect on my mental health. Along with my Journal entries, working out has alleviated so much stress in my day-to-day life in here, as well as keeping my depression at bay. I’m constantly watching my daily food intake and concerning myself with its nutritional value. I find myself reading the labels on every item I purchased from the commissary, which is completely opposite to the way that I’ve been living prior to 2013. I have a lot of growing to do in so many aspects of my life. But, finally, I’m at peace with where my future is headed, because I know that I am taking the steps necessary to get me where I want to be in my future, whether it’s long term or, short term plans. I’m on my way to a better life, a life I can be proud of, as well as my family and also showing my children. How a responsible man should live life.

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