Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – May 22, 2014

by Steven Dybvad

Kurt and I have been trying to be cell mates since last Christmas, five months ago. In that time we have seen several people move around and switch cells. I truly believe this is a result of one of the staff members in charge of the cell moves that doesn’t like me for simply typing his name in one of my blog entries months ago. I say this because many of the people I have seen moving into other cells, I approached and asked when they requested such a move and they generally respond that it was just recently that they filed. Typing a staff members name and disclosing information is not against any of the rules, this is why I have not been thrown in the hole or received any rule infractions, however this staff member did express his dislike in what I do, he said he wished it was against the rules and he also told me never to write his name again. Being a man of my word now, I told him that I would never write his name in my blog again, hence the HE, HIM, HIS, HE’S. But I will never stop writing about my life in prison, what goes on from day to day and the constant injustices made by staff, just like the beating of an inmate that I wrote about just a couple weeks ago. This is more proof that the penal system has no desire to “rehabilitate” us for re-entry into society; they simply want to insure the security of the prison and see that they keep the beds full. This is why it is so important for any and every inmate to take responsibility for the recovery of their own life and future success upon release. Don’t wait on somebody to do something to help you, it will never happen. We got ourselves into this mess, it’s our responsibility to get ourselves out of it and create a new and better future, fighting back and beating the power of this prison machine and its’ recidivism rates.

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