Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – May 31, 2014

by Steven Dybvad


Yesterday my good friend and new cell mate, Kurt was called down to the R.I.B. department for questioning. R.I.B. stands for Rule Infraction Board. Upon Kurt’s’ arrival to R.I.B. he was handcuffed and questioned by a staff member about some of his recent emails home. Apparently he made some comments about the prison staff in general, yet not one in specific. Rustling some bad feathers, certain prison authorities took his comments personal and to offense. Now I’m certainly not going to comment on who said what because I wasn’t in the office, neither have I read his email home, but one thing I do know is that we as inmates still have certain rights and one of those rights is the freedom to speak our opinions when communicating with our family, our beloved friends and the rest of the world outside, whether it be in a visit, on the phone, or through the mail, email is just another form of corresponding. This is why Kurt is not in the hole, he violated no rules. An hour or so after his run in with R.I.B., Kurt was called down to the Captains’ office for more questioning. Kurt was in the shower when the they called for him this time. Obviously having to dry off, get to the cell to get dressed first, he just wasn’t fast enough for the guard that called for him. So the the guard came up to our cell, started cussing at him, telling him to get his ass down to the Captains’ office immediately. Even after Kurt apologized to the guard for not being fast enough, the guard decided to destroy our cell and all of our property in it. We all know that this had nothing to do with not getting out of the shower fast enough. This was nothing more than an act of retaliation for words written in an email. Even though Kurt followed the rules, the prison staff decided to break their own rules. The rules clearly state that after any cell shakedown, our cell is supposed to be left in a reasonable order which is close or similar to the way they found it. Retaliation in itself is against the rules set in place by prison officials. If you ask me, I felt that Kurt and I were both being harassed by having all of our personal belongings trashed, thrown around the cell and mixed up together. It’s very possible that I may suffer repercussions for this journal entry, but I speak only the truth and I believe that people have the right to be informed how inmates are being treated in prisons all over this country. If we don’t speak up, then who will? I work hard every day to change the quality of my life and future for the better and everyday it becomes clearer to me that there is nothing correctional about prison. Prison staff is only concerned with the security of this prison and their selves. Attempting to help rehabilitate any of the inmates inside of this prison just doesn’t seem to be in their interest. If you want to change in here, you’ve got to grab life by the balls and do it yourself.

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