Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – November 3, 2012

by Steven Dybvad

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some days are much more difficult to deal with than others. My mind starts to race about the length of time I have remaining and everything else that will come to pass with the sands of time. The longer my mind gets fixated on these thoughts the greater my depression kicks in. I realize and understand the severity of my actions that led me up to this point in my life but, the consequences are extremely hard to swallow. For most of my life I’ve been slipping through the cracks of suffering for my actions, and now I’m finally tangled in this horrible web I’ve woven into my drug induced life.

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  1. Stephen Lenhoff says:


    I hope this note finds you doing well. The holidays are difficult for the both of us. I continue to seek Gods patiences in the restoration of my relationship with my kids. I thank you for your prayers and support as well.

    I need your insight on a situation. Anne and I have friends who have a 20 yr old son. Unfortunately, he’s using drugs. First it was OTC drugs, then alochol and now he’s using Cocain and extasy. His parents have done everything possible to get him help. But as you and I know, the addict has to hit bottom before they can finally let go of the addiction.

    I consider you my good friend, and I’m asking you as a friend, what can be said or done to get this young man turned around? I have a fear that this young man will end up over-dosing the drug of choice. I feel helpless in giving his parents any words or instructions that will truly make a difference.

    What would you say to his parents? What would you say to this young man? I feel that you perhaps have much better insight to this kind of addiction than most. You’ve lived it. You know it inside and out. You know what it will eventually lead to for this guy.

    Anyways… I want you to put “Chris” on your prayer list.

    I saw your Mom and Daughter on Thanksgiving morning – we delievered thanksgiving dinners to the community action center. She is a wonderful young woman. Your Mom is probably one of the sweetest and caring person walking this Earth – you my friend are truly blessed!

    I hope you find the Joy of Christmas this season knowing that you are in our thoughts and prayers…

    Thanks Steven for listening.

    Your friend,

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