Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – November 4, 2012

by Steven Dybvad

Sunday, November 4, 2012

With the length of my sobriety growing with every day that passes comes powerful emotions and vividly clear thoughts that I’ve been numb to for so many years. On one hand it’s difficult for me to control and deal with, on the other hand these thoughts and emotions are invigorating for me and I welcome both the good and the bad because no matter what the feelings are they make me feel human again, they help me understand that I still have a big and caring heart and that even though I’m going through a difficult time in my life, life isn’t over and I can still be the responsible, loving man, father and son I’ve always known I could be.

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  1. Jamie L. Strong says:

    Hey cousin,
    I am so sorry I have not wrote you any, i am so busy with life I barely have the time to shower lol. I read your posts and I hope you are doing well. Your son and daughter are growing up everyday, they are truely beautiful inside and out! I got to watch Caitlin perform with Corynn at the kettering Children’s Choir Concert, they both were amazing. And as for Taylor, he looks JUST LIKE YOU!! I love you and I think about you every day. I can’t wait for you to meet Alex, my newest baby. I have been talking to Blaine, Corynn and Payton’s dad, and he is doing awesome, he has been completely sober for almost 3 years now, I am so proud of him Steven, and I know you can get to where he is too. He has offered to talk to you if you are interested, I know he helps me out on a day to day basis, and always has words of wisdom I can relate to. I love you and I will be thinking of you this holiday, I sent you some pics to your mom, I hope you get them!
    With Love,
    JAmie Lynn

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