Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 10: Leadership

by Steven Dybvad

251.        Leadership means setting a strong, sturdy example that others will want to follow.


252.        My life is been one huge lesson of trial and error, teaching me many things along the way, giving me a great deal of experience, enabling me to have the ability to show others a better way to live and lead by example.


253.        Leadership begins with a very strong code of morals, values, ethics, and a great deal of conviction in what we please.


254.        I believe the first we have to follow and learn from other strong leaders, emulating the life they live, or have once lived, before we can begin to lead others.


255.        By knowledge in the effects we have on others, maintaining accountability log, seeing growth in others, and just holding up to our own personal standards of life.


256.        A vision is essentially an attainable aspiration. To have a vision means to have desires for greater future, with reachable goals, ambitions, and the constant motivation to get there with detailed planning.


257.        The best way is by maintaining and constantly updating a structured accountability log.


258.        Leadership requires structure and discipline, having accountability tools are like having a compass and map, with destinations.


259.        A strong leader would not only utilize these tools, also shows others and encourage them to participate, just as Michael did.


260.        Leading by example is practicing what we preach, doing what we say, and showing others how to live instead of telling them.


261. Tab leading with integrity is standing up for what we believe is right, unwavering, never changing, and even in the face of adversity. Integrity is priceless.


262.        Living life selfishly is a terrible way to live; selfish decisions got me where I am. The place. Other need for my own, for me, is to change and grow for the better. The think of others is to think responsibly and to have a conscience.


263.        Positive behavior in prison can bring much hope and greater awareness to the people we connect with, enabling them to provide us with the help and sponsorship needed for us to grow.


264.        I personally depend on people like Michael Santos, Justin Paperny me, family members, authors of autobiographies about people who have been where I am in life and turned it into a life of success.


265.        Again. I admire Michael Santos Justin Paperny me, my father, my mother, my cousin Aaron and many other highly successful individuals.


266.        Plainly and simply, to emulate the lives of my leaders is to be successful beyond the shadow of a doubt, I know that my future holds success because this is the life I’ve chosen.


267.        Every day. I’m committed to executing the goals I’ve set in place for myself, ready to create new and better goals, and constant change for the success of my future.


268.        From exercising leadership my positive way of life can branch out to others through word-of-mouth, building a strong reputation for commitment far beyond these prison walls. People begin to stop judging me for the choices which led me to prison and begin to see me for the life I’m living now.


269.        The straight a guide his are influenced my prison adjustment tremendously in every facet of my day-to-day life in prison. The guide is allowed me to maneuver through prison strategically, improving my skills and values, creating better goals and renewing my aspirations.


270.        Everything that I learned and practiced today is an orchestrated effort to prepare me for my success upon release. Every scale that I learned, and practice within these prison walls can be extrapolated into the world outside.


271.        I will never forget the joy, happiness, and renewed sense of hope that the straight a guide is not only provided for me but, for my family as well. This guide is taught me to hold myself accountable, to a higher standard constantly renew my goals, raise the bar higher, and reach for my aspiring dreams. These skills can and will be carried on into society and for the rest of my life. This guide is my compass, and without the skills. It has taught me I would be lost.

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