Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 3: Accountability

by Steven Dybvad

97. Accountability logs can only be helpful in providing more opportunities for success. If utilized correctly. Structure is very important for recovering from our once criminal way of life. I believe some people need more of a push from someone else supposed others, especially drug addicts like myself. I can have the perfect accountability log that won’t do me a bit of good if it’s tucked away somewhere collecting dust. That’s why it’s very important to reach out to healthy individuals that are aware of our particular circumstances and are willing to check in with one another from time to time to make sure we are still on the right track. Ultimately, we are solely responsible for the positive changes in our life, but help is out there and we should each be humble enough to ask others that are willing to provide such help and hold us accountable for our accountabilities.

98. Well, first of all, probation officers were also only human, and some of them might have been doing their job for so long that many prior convicts may have clouded their hearts, minds, and as a result see each of us, just as hopeless as the rest. Recidivism rates as well as my past experiences with probation officers only proves my point. Although some probation officers do still see hope in others and truly want to see us make a change for the better I’m sure that those individuals are willing to go the extra mile to help the people that want to help themselves. There is always hope in humanity.

99. Many individuals feel that raw honesty be very refreshing. I refreshing. I mean, by showing transparency of our prison, adjustment and drastic changes for successful life were showing them lawyers and support networks that we mean business and can be a valuable asset if given the chance to prove ourselves.

100. Accountability logs provide the data needed to assess progress and determine whether or not were on course. Every man of success relies upon accountability logs to maintain excellence. Stockbrokers follow quarterly reports; professional athletes compare statistics documenting performance community leaders keep pace with political news, updates, etc.

101. Universities follow the same guidelines as many other people like Michael; universities evaluate student’s records of their grades in progress prior to applying.

102. Creditors, like universities evaluate financial history in order to conclude the value, in extending a loan.


103. I think that first and foremost, one must see value in something in order to make a decision to invest.


104. My response to these prior questions only validates the importance of maintaining accountability logs; they are very important and highly useful for all aspects of life.

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