Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 4: Life Management Skills

by Steven Dybvad


105. without the order and direction. I’ve come to find in the straight a program there would be chaos. Since then I’ve done great things for my future and my family, I’ve established a structure goals and tasks that will ensure success in my life after prison.

106. Not just a certain type of decision. But, every decision that I make continue to be well thought out and orchestrated with the knowledge of it linked to direct results of my future, whether it be long-term or short-term.

107. The more beneficial progress and I can squeeze into my daily schedule; all the more prepared I’ll be for my release and the level of success. then follows.

108. Personal relationships are very important and highly influential in our prospects for success. A bad relationship with a negative person could potentially send us in the wrong direction, where is a good relationship with a healthy, positive, successful person can help give us the boost we need to continue moving forward in the right direction.

109. Open, consistent correspondence is important to nourishing and maintaining a healthy relationship from behind prison walls. Unfortunately Mel is the only option for prisoner to cultivate a healthy relationship. But, a positive bond with good people will undoubtedly lead to visitation on their behalf whenever possible.

110. Michael made a conscious decision to change his life from inside prison and make every preparation necessary to secure a promising successful future after his release. Michael utilized every available resource in and outside the prison walls. By minimizing his exposure to inmates and dedicating every hour of his day to making progressive changes, Michael created a rare and unique reputation for himself, not only within the system but also with much of the staff, and with important educated figures, with excellent backgrounds that go far beyond the system. This level of quality connections allowed Michael to maneuver his way through the system like no other.

111. The decisions that I’ve made since my family introduced me to the straight a program is not only completely changed my life, but it’s also saved my life. My decisions to change became more grounded and stabilized with each passing day. The ethics, morals, and values that lie dormant for so many years in my life continue to wake from the dead with the time that goes by.

112. Many of the prisoners that offered their profiles to Michael each lead different lives following up their convictions. Even though their decisions and choices may have been a little different, they shared a common goal, a successful future and productive life beyond prison walls. I do my best to live life in prison. Similar to the once model prisoner, now free, Michael Santos.

113. I was fortunate enough to learn about Michael straight a guide program prior to my arrival to prison. I already had some solid guided goals in place, helping me to pair. I read all of Michael’s books, studying his many trials and tribulations, goals and accomplish mints. I also read and studied the many prisoner profiled in Michael’s books, learning a little from each of them, enabling and guiding my current journey from behind these prison walls.

114. This is hard for me to answer. I have to admit to myself and come to terms with the fact that I may have to work hard, at more than one intense, low-paying job for the rest of my life, and less I’m blessed with a great career opportunity, or come up with an entrepreneurial idea that an investor can see a promising growth in profit, etc. As a convicted felon, I must be honest with myself and my possible future. I have great faith that I will do great things with my future and success. But, I must remain hopeful and also planned for a different life that only I created for myself.

115. Every decision I make is made with thought and care, in a calculated effort to plan for my future. My past is shown that if I want to live a positive, fulfilling life, with love, ethics, morals, and values for myself and my entire family, I must always think before I act, set attainable goals and reach them. Each day I spend in prison consists of building a better future.

116. I’m reading Michael’s books; I noticed that the majority of Michael’s interactions with other prisoners were done in the lower security prisons, where violent acts and getting caught up in someone else’s problems were least likely to happen. Prior to Michael having his security level dropped, he minimized his exposure to the prison atmosphere by spending most of his time in his cell, or working in secured office areas. This is currently the way I have to live life in prison, for I currently reside in a high-security prison, one of the worst in Ohio, where bad things happen every day. In order to get my security dropped I’m living day to day very similar to Michael’s.

117. By minimizing my exposure to the negative influences of the prison machine, I don’t interact with men in this high level security prison. Although by reading books about people like Michael Santos and Justin Papperny who have change their lives from within prison walls, I found a new direction, and have had the guided luxury of establishing new goals in the images of my role is.

118. I’m interested in anyone genuinely wants to improve their life. Health, knowledge, morals, and ethics are just some of the qualities that would attract me to an individual. Unfortunately in this high-security prison, social relationships with individuals are chance. I’m not willing to take. Just like Michael, I will wait until my security level is dropped, and I get moved to a better prison.

119. I’ve been carefully guarded enough to know that I won’t be forming any kind of relationship with an individual that would in some way hinder any aspect of my aspirations. I spent a lifetime gravitating towards negative people; it’s high time for a new path in life, a life with people that care about my future just as much is me.

120. Red obviously held onto reservations of his past, he wasn’t able to draw a line in the sand and cut off all ties with the negative individuals of his past life. Something about his old way of life still attracted him, if Fred was truly ready to change his life around completely; I believe that absolutely nothing could have stopped him from doing so.

121. By living by a better set of values, and documenting each day, a prisoner will not only have a valuable set of tools to persuade prospective employers, and also show them proof of the higher set of standards one lives by.

122. The way in which we talk and present ourselves as a major influence on how others will perceive us. First, interpretations can either open doors for our future, or slam them shot.

123. Our personal grooming, along with the way we present ourselves is a direct extension of how we grew more life and how seriously we treat the rest of our world around us. Like it or not, many individuals from all walks of life, do judge a book by its cover.

124. A 100% commitment means to completely dedicate all aspects of our life to the program. Its 100% commitment to this program is a lifestyle in itself, we have to walk, eat, sleep, live, and become this program.

125. Acquaintances? In this high-security prison, with very little time out of ourselves, each day, I am extremely guarded with having any associates, at least until I moved to a lower security prison, just like Michael Santos.

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