Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 5: Self-Improvement

by Steven Dybvad

126. I live each day in pursuit of emulating the life Michael once lived in the penal system. Each day, I read, I write, study, work out, pray, and continue to remain grateful for the blessings in my life.

127.        Structure is very important. Structure allows us to function at a higher level of daily accomplishments, with regular assessments of our progress and goals.

128.        My activities correlate with my vision for life upon release. My vision is to live a healthy, sober, successful life, as a good man, father, son, husband and role model for others. I already live as one every day in here, for I’ve made up my mind and have made a pure conscious decision for the rest of my life.

129.        Fitness, drug and alcohol recovery, therapeutic book reading and writing, spiritual growth, building stronger relationships with family and healthy friends and everything else that will enrich the quality of my life after release.

130.        Just a few of the many activities pursue noble from in prison that will enhance personal strength are reading educational books, writing in journals, to family, maintaining accountability logs, signing up for classes in recovery and education if available, nurturing relationships with family and friends through communication, physical fitness and many other similar activities to perform if someone wants it bad enough.

131.        Hanging out with others, playing card games, gambling, smoking, tattoos, drinking, drugs, falling into the wrong crowd of people, and just slacking around in any of life’s aspects or a weakening of fact.

132.        Educating our minds will always open opportunities for our future, as well as reaching out to positive and successful role models.

133.        Activities very similar to the same activities that we can ask and also, and will threaten one’s prospects for success upon release.

134.        Every single activity. I participate in, is done with the thoughts of what repercussions or immediate effect such as activity will have on my future. I’ve come to realize that I should make a single decision without fully understanding the outcome.

135.        I minimize my exposure to weakness and threats by not involving myself personally with any inmates or, the prison mechanics of the machine.

136.        My decision-making process has completely changed, a 180° turn since prior to my imprisonment. Much of it has to do with my sobriety and working knowledge of the straight a guide.

137.        S. W. A. T. Is one of many tools that have, and continue to help strengthen my techniques for successful future.

138.        There’s low risk in physical fitness, with a high reward of good health.

139.        Reaching out to others, learning from their experiences. By getting to know them personally. His example of high risk with a high reward of growth.

140.        Just sitting around prison, doing nothing each day is a low risk, with zero. rewards.

141.        Participating in the very same activities that wound us up in prison in the first place is a classic example of a very high risk with absolutely no rewards.

142.        My day-to-day life in here falls under number one low risk with high rewards. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

143.        The straight a program has done more help in guiding my life for self-improvement than I ever would have been able to do by myself; it brings structure and much-needed discipline into my world.

144. I’ve given a great deal of thought into this question, and I continue to think about how I will support myself and my family financially, and he continues to worry me. The only thing that brings me peace is a loving support of my family and faith in knowing that God has great plans for my life that is beyond comprehension.

145. All I can do, as and incarcerated man, with an extensive criminal record, is improve every aspect of my life, strengthening my morals, ethics, and values, making myself a healthy, trustworthy, respectable, contributing member of society, thus improving my chances for any future prospects.

146. Refer to my answer to question number 145.

147.        I know that a college education would be great for me in many ways more than just to help me gain employment. With more education, I can also live a richer, more fulfilling life.

148.        Academic credentials are highly influential on an employer’s decision to hire an individual for a more professional position, with better pay.

149.        A man with an education is more valuable than an uneducated man; it’s just that plain and simple.

150.        The enrichment of all aspects of life.

151.        I’ve lived the fortunate life, blessed with numerous opportunities. My mother raised me to be great with people, it’s my drug use. That has caused me to ruin so many golden opportunities, over and over again.

152.        As I said, I have had a great many chances for success is beyond measure, but what flush them all away for an overpowering untreated addiction to substances.

153.        I believe that in life, all great success begins with a valuable set of communication skills.

154.        Improving my communication skills has allowed me to reach out to many great people beyond these prison walls, and nurture my relationships into closer more tightly knit ones, thus securing myself a more stable environment for my future release.

155.        First impressions will either make or break any future opportunities for success. Good communication skills can only increase our chances to make a great first impression.

156.        In the same reasons that Michael chose to always stay clean-shaven and where neatly pressed close in prison, one never knows who, or what a day ahead. Intel’s. Even while in prison, the next golden opportunity could be just around the corner, so we might prepare ourselves, right here, right now.

157.        We can take classes, educating ourselves, reaching out to good people like Michael Santos, doing what we can to emulate their life as a positive role model, read educational books instead of storybooks, write letters to people, and many other things.

158.        Writing every day, keeping up with my blogs, sending letters and cards home to my family and friends, along with selflessly trying to keep up with important days like wishing them a happy birthday, or a Merry Christmas is just a few of my deliberate steps taken to improve my communication skills.

159. Great communication is one of the most important skills to almost every employer, enabling a person to maneuver quickly up the corporate ladder.

160.        Through study and a regular practice of writing, learning new words and utilizing them.

161.        The prison experience can either demolish a man’s social communication skills, causing their language to digress, by falling into the average life of many inmates, victim to the prison machine or one can take the high road, investing every day of their life to change.

162.        Great question. Just like physical fitness, developing communication skills is a way of flexing our brain muscles, honing in on our mind and body, becoming more familiar with ourselves, knowing our limitations, and improving on ourselves, thus enabling us to reach higher, to do better, and continue moving forward.

163.        Reading, with the purpose means that we are reading to learn, opposed to reading for entertainment, such as fictional murder mysteries.

126. I live each day in pursuit of emulating the life Michael once lived in the penal system. Each day, I read, I write, study, work out, pray, and continue to remain grateful for the blessings in my life.

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