Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 6: Communication Skills

by Steven Dybvad

164.        Before my introduction to the straight a program, I was indulging in murder mysteries, science fictions, and minimal spiritual readings. These days, I will only read books that focus on improving quality of life or real-life story of another person who has risen from their downward spiral in life and change completely for the better.


165.        The books I read inspire me, give me direction and guidance for future success.


166.        I try to go through each day, considering everything I do with great thought and detail of its effect on my future and success.


167.        Often when reading, or even writing, I keep my dictionary at hand, if I come across an unfamiliar word. Often I will write down the word, the definition, as well as use it in the sentence. That I will practice using those words in my blog as well as in my everyday life.


168.        The our God, or secret language of the prison class is highly complex, layered with multiple definitions for both confusing prison guards, as well as other inmates. This is not a class of language would ever be healthy for my future success in the real world, and for that reason alone, I would prefer to be left in the dark understanding or adjusting to said lingo.


169.        This jargon conflicts in so many ways and is constantly associated with criminal behavior and were no way help my social life upon release.


170.        And individual’s enunciation will convey social status, education, and could single-handedly attract or repel others.


171.        Grooming habits can say a lot about a person and how seriously they take the rest of their lives. I vividly remember reading how Michael wrote about the importance of staying clean, groom, well-dressed, and presentable, with the comfort of being prepared for a chance of running into any great opportunity, never knowing who we might meet, yet always being ready.


172.        Documenting our prison journey is proof in the pudding. It shows our growth and maturity over time, reaching our goals and aspirations, showing our dedication and commitment to making a better life, successful future, solidifying any doubts that someone else might have had about us and our commitment to change.


173.        Writing reports on the books I’ve read, it gives my direct opinion to others and also gives others a sense of my own morals, ethics, and values, enabling them to have a better understanding of the way, I think. In a way, writing book reports is like communicating with others, thus improving on my skills, and preparing me for success upon release.

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