Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 7: Support Networks

by Steven Dybvad

174. In my case, I must sever all ties some of my past relationships and work hard to make other relationship stronger, as a recovering addict, many of my past relationships revolved around people harmful to my future, only strengthening my deadly disease of addiction. My relationships with family and healthy friends crumbled all around me. It will take me a lifetime of hard work to salvage and men those broken relationships. But, these relationships are of the utmost importance. Healthy relationships with strong, supportive individuals are detrimental to my recovery and future success of the rest of my life.


175.        Constant communication, three letters, cards, phone calls, and blogging has been a way of nurturing my support networks and working to atone this far.


176.        Strengthening my support network, as well as branching out will only help me in my adjustment to society, enabling me to firmly plant my feet successfully upon release, opening up more opportunities for a new life.


177.        By mailing cover letters out two important members of society that are in some way pillars of the community. Keeping a firm hand on a support network outside during my term will allow me to keep a grip on reality, stabilizing my life in here, strengthening my everyday living inside, helping to keep me from falling victim to the prison machine.


178. Tab people in general are very susceptible to being influenced by their surroundings. There’s a saying, I sometimes use and will never forget, if you hang around barbershop long enough you going to get a haircut. Well lack of an outside support network would make inside of these prison walls. My barbershop, it’s my responsibility not to let that happen.


179.        Successful individuals embrace ethics, morals, values, goals and aspirations the necessary for improving the quality of life that I indeed also profess to embrace.


180.        I’m currently reaching out to healthy family members and friends. I’m also in the process reaching out to important respectable, local figures that are pillars of our local community, in an attempt to establish relationships, thus furthering and expanding my future support network.


181. Tab having a strong support network can open a great many doors and create new opportunities, enabling us to fulfill our dreams.


182. Tab I think it would be easier to answer. How my support network isn’t helping me. Without the support of my family, friends, and mentors, I would be just another inmate, falling victim to the prison machine.


183.        I am faithful to the core of my support network; it seemed only way I’m going to grow as a man and change for the better, all in, or all out.


184.        Like Michael, I’m preparing cover letters to send out two important figures in my local community, in an attempt to establish a bond with people that could help me in my future and also those individuals want to see an ex-con like me being released into the community change for the greater good.


185.        These people are extremely important, and it’s just as important for me to establish a bond with these individuals in order to increase my future opportunities for success upon release.


186.        These people are Justin Paperny me, Michael Santos, my mother and father, individuals I’ve read about that have been in circumstances just like me and change their lives around completely. Also influence my life, along with positive political figures that make a difference in our nation’s communities. My goal is to reach out to more and more people like this, ever expanding my influences and increasing my opportunities for success.


187.        All of these individuals’ interests revolve around the success and quality of their future, along with everyone else involved in their lives.


188.        I do make them aware of my aspirations, through writing and communication.


29.          Well, because I continue to live my life as an open book here in prison, my growth and adjustment continues to make it positive and hopeful impression on the people in my life.


190.        Like Michael, I intend to continue reaching out beyond these prison walls, sending out cover letters to important, influential members of my local community, with the hopes of cultivating mentors that want to see prisoners like me, being released back into the very community that they live in, make a huge difference with my life.


191.        My behavior and daily activities, speaks volumes, it shows the people around me that I am diligently working to change my life around, without even having to talk. My actions are more powerful than my words have ever been.


192.        I believe this question is referring to. Acquaintances with inmates inside of prison, and if that is the case, I don’t have acquaintances in here, specifically because in the very small amount of time out of my cell. Each day, I can’t possibly assess who is making a personal commitment to a successful life upon release.


193.        With my current frame of thought, practicing my values, ethically and morally, the only possible way I could receive a rule infraction would be by way of an impossible avoidance of conflict with a guard, or another inmate. At this point, I believe that I’ve earned enough trust through hard work, at least for my support network to trust and believe that said situation was in fact unavoidable completely out of my control.


194. Who you know can have an amazing effect how we move ahead in life, whether it be getting a good job, or moving up the corporate ladder, or just improving the all-around quality-of-life, knowing good healthy and important individuals essential.


195. My actions have shown and continue to show that I refuse to be affected by the ever present negative influences here in prison and beyond these walls; instead I choose to follow successful individuals like Michael Santos, who is paved the way to a more fulfilling, law-abiding way of life.


196.        Like Michael, writing letters reaching out to important pillars of our communities, like political leaders, college professors, community volunteers and supporters is just a few of many ways to broaden our support network.


197.        The more that we have in place, ready to prepare us for our release, the easier transition, increasing our chances for faster, long-lasting success.


198.        Continuously documenting my daily journey through prison, coupled with regular, consistent contact with my support network, always holding myself accountable is how I intend to continuously nurture and protect my ever-growing network.


199.        Personal accountability logs and a healthy dependency on my support network to hold me accountable. Through my sobriety, my morals and ethics are increasing and strengthening regularly, not allowing me to ignore or abandon my goals and responsibilities.

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