Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 8: Relationships

by Steven Dybvad

200.        Like Michael, since my arrest, and after my lasting sobriety, I also see the whole world in my relationship to it from a completely different perspective. My relationship with others in the world is much closer, and with the ones that are closer, I will continue to work with and nurture until they are closer, and then continue to nurture and maintain these relationships for the rest of my life.


201.        I finally realize and understand how deeply my decisions affect and influence the lives of others.


202.        God is much like my moral compass, ever guiding me in the proper direction of good choices and behavior.


203.        When we form a bond with people, we become attached, taking on similar characteristics. We begin to share common goals, likes, and dislikes, otherwise relationships won’t bind, or strengthen, and it’s just human nature. This is why surrounding ourselves with strong, healthy, positive, successful individuals is critical to the success of our future.


204.        I believe that thinking on a massive scale like this is a fantasy. As a man striving to do better, all I can focus on is the power. I have to change and rewrite my own fate and the influence I have on my family, children and loved ones.


205.        I desperately want my children to see clearly and learn from my own personal mistakes, and follow me. And the choices I make from this point on, diligently working to atone, become a successful man, one that they can idolize.


206.        Living with integrity is essential. Without integrity, I would have already fallen another victim to the prison machine. My integrity has stabilized my morals and values, it is Me standing straight, unwavering in the face of adversity, and the constantly ever present pressures of conforming to the evil ways of normal prison life, that go completely against my healthy, morals, ethics, and values that my parents have spent a lifetime trying to instill in my life.


207. To confront adversity with dignity is to flex the strength of my integrity.


208.        I’m in a high-security prison, with ruthless criminals and very little time for exposure to them. Each day, for that reason I form no bonds with other prisoners.


209.        Staff members know that I stay far away from trouble, they see me as no threat, and they leave me alone, this is very comforting and satisfying for my everyday lifestyle, here in prison.


210.        Probation officers, as well as supervisors will see an undeniably understand, through their past experience with many other inmates, that I’ve worked diligently to nurture only good relationships with positive people.


211.        I worked very hard to remain in constant, consistent contact with others, hopefully influencing them by showing them the hard work and efforts. I’ve put forth and continue to put forth to changing and improving the quality of my life and future.


212.        Through letters, along with my blog, I can continue to reach out beyond these walls.


213.        Maintaining relationships with set individuals can only damage and decrease my potential for success upon release; this is why I’ve severed all ties with such people.


214.        Grooming, hygiene, keeping up with my personal of parents shows others the level of respect that I have for myself. Personal appearance creates impression on others, thus influencing relationships.


215.        That my writing skills are increasingly good, they will be noticed by more and more individuals, people will then see the value and potential and connecting with me, increasing my chances for more opportunities.


216.        I remain in contact with important individuals through hard work in writing, reading, and correspondence.


217.        My relationships with others are healthy ones, only with individuals that will continue to have a positive impact on my life and future.


218.        I would lose a great deal of respect, confidence, as well as causing relationships to crumble. I must always take responsibility for my actions and choices I make in any situation. Removing myself from any bad situation is of the utmost importance.


219.        Taking responsibility for my life in any situation is a crucial step in success.


220.        Good relationships with healthy individuals influence continued healthy relationships with many others affected by our lives.


221.        Living transparently truly shows others, what kind of man I am giving them a greater understanding of me, tearing down walls that would have once separated us.


222.        Finished with living life as a deceitful chameleon, changing who I truly am inside for the sake of pleasing others, or getting my way.

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