Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 9: Financial Literacy

by Steven Dybvad

223.        My financial literacy. Today is horrible; I desperately want to get a grip on this for the sake of my future and the future of my children.


224.        Standing finances are detrimental to the quality of my success upon release.


225.        I believe the opportunities are endless, as long as our heart is in.


226.        I know that the cost of my imprisonment as a major financial burden on the state of Ohio, as well as my family and children.


227.        The stock market is a direct link to an explanation of what companies are thriving, as well as declining in value. Having an understanding of how stocks work is a crucial component to investors.


228.        Improving the skills will help me to make smarter decisions.


229.        My financial future burdens my thoughts, every hour of every day. I worry about how I will support myself and my children and how much I’ll be able to leave behind for them after I die.


230.        Insuring my chances for successful, drug-free life after release is the first of many dedicated steps that are I preparation for my retirement.


231.        Understanding and complying with US tax codes are a part of being a functionally contributing US citizen. The wiggle deceitfully around the tax codes is to break federal laws, going completely against the law abiding life that I’m working so hard to attain.


232.        Entrepreneurship is taking this successful business aspect of life into my own hands, becoming my own boss, and running my own company. This is one of my great aspirations.


233.        Aside from our horrible economy, I believe that people jump at the American dream of running their own business without having a full understanding of all of the requirements in running a business successfully.


234.        To run my life like a business, I have to learn new skills, and what better way to do that than to follow those who already paved the road to success in emulates their lives.


235.        I have some of the greatest role models in the world; it just doesn’t get much better than that.


236.        A veritable smorgasbord of markets, too long for me to list. My life isn’t over just because I have a criminal history; I just have more limitations, which would take less time listing those.


237.        A great deal of more valuable resources than the average inmates being released, not because I’m better in any way, but, because I’ve worked hard to gain such resources, trust in others, along with an extremely supportive family.


238.        Not only is impossible for me to project what, it also is very disturbing because I desperately want to have a good grip on the financial earnings of my future.


239         whatever my earnings may be, I know that I’ll be reaping the rewards of my success 10 years from my release date.


240.        Right now the best I can do, like Michael Santos, is educating myself through reading books and following the stock market. Unfortunately, there are no classes available for me to take in here.


241. Academic credentials can only be helpful, there are so many things that I want and need to know in order to nurture and grow a sustainable financial literacy.


242.        These skills would enhance my opportunities in every way.


243.        These are all excellent social skills a can only help to increase the chance for more opportunity and broaden horizons.


244.        Self-help books inspirational stories of other people that have change their life around the incremental steps they’ve taken to get there, educational books, and many others.


245.        by utilizing financial ethics and values that my parents have spent a lifetime instilling in me. Also, by taking up some necessary educational courses at the local college, not specifically for the purpose of getting a degree but, more or less for the skills and knowledge for my financial future.


246.        Investment decisions are extremely important, I plan to make educated, responsible investments is often inasmuch as I possibly can in order to cure a better future for myself and my children.


247.        Savings, 401(k), stocks, bonds, CDs, etc.


248.        These resources will be the foundation and sustaining my life future.


249.        Calculated risks that don’t involve breaking the law of the only kind of risk cell even consider for the rest of my life.


250.        Another problem with the criminal justice system can never be a possibility for me; ever again, I refuse to even think with that sort of mindset.

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