Timothy Lee/ Class 3: Accountability

by Timothy Lee

97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release.

Yes, accountability logs would help me see my actions and they would not change things for success of my release.

98. In what ways will probation officers respond to efforts you’ve made at documenting your values, goals, and commitment to preparing for a law-abiding life upon release?

They would be shocked to see my accomplishments and a completely different person compared to the person I was in the past.

99. Elaborate on ways that full transparency with regard to your prison adjustment through accountability logs can influence
potential employers or support networks.

It will show a difference in the way I did my time to prepare for my release.

100. Describe the role accountability logs played in their success:

Because they were prepared in life with a direction and goals for a positive future.

101. How do universities evaluate which students to admit?

They do a student accountability academic process to see if you may qualify.

102. What information do creditors consider when deliberating on whether to extend loans?

To see if you have a good payment history by looking at your credit with determining if they will loan you money.

103. What governs investment decisions that people make?

If they have something worth investing in and if it will make them a profit.

104. How do your responses to the above questions support or refute the value of accountability logs? 

They support a way of life, to put things in perspective and direction.

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