Timothy Lee/ Class 6: Communication Skills

by Timothy Lee

151. Describe situations you can recall when inadequate communication skills led to decreased opportunities in your life.

My education level was gone and my communication skills was bad because I did not have the proper education.

152. Describe situations where stronger communication skills may have enhanced your prospects for success.

Having my education together would have pushed my success in life.

153. What do communication skills mean to you?

They mean a lot because you can adjust to any situation.

154. In what types of ways can improving communication skills assuage the burden of confinement?

It can knock down different barriers that you had before your confinement by getting better communication skills.

155. What types of influence do communication skills have on an individual’s prospects for success upon release?

Because they will know how to communicate and talk to different people on several levels.

156. How can developing communication skills open opportunities through imprisonment?

You will be able to be versatile to different situations on level outside of prison.

157. In what ways can an individual take clearly-defined, measurable steps toward improving communication skills?

Reading different books, literature classes and tutoring classes.

158. In what ways have you taken measurable, deliberate steps to improve your communication skills?

I got my GED and brought up my communication skills.

159. What value do enhanced communication skills offer to a prospective employer?

Because you can comprehend different job tasks.

160. How can a prisoner convey the extent of his communication skills and his personal investment to improve
such skills?

Do not give up in getting his communication level together.

161. How does the prison experience influence an individual’s development of communication skills?

He will see how lacking in different areas may have cause him to come to prison.

162. In what ways do developing communicating skills resemble the development of physical fitness?

You build yourself up in different areas within academic skills.

163. What does it mean to read with a purpose?

To understand and broaden your mind to a much higher level.

164. Describe the pattern of books you have read throughout your term in prison. What kind are they and why do you read them?

I read more spiritual and educational books.  The bible daily and school books to further my education with some urban novels to relax.  I read them to help me ground myself.

165. In what ways do books you read prepare you for success upon release?

It enlightens me to find better ways of coping with people and situations on a day to day basis.

166. When you consider the amount of free time available to you on a typical day, how do you determine the most effective ways to use it toward preparations for success?

Self-meditation, laying back on my bunk and relax and think.

167. In what ways do you work to improve your dexterity with language, using words, sentences, and paragraphs to
communicate ideas?

Using proper English and talking with a common tone using things helpful.

168. How would you describe the argot of the imprisoned class?

You can focus on what’s going on more so other than a unstructured environment.

169. In what ways does the jargon of imprisonment compare of contrast with the language in the society you expect to encounter upon release?

There is a whole different language inside of prison than in society and you will have to adjust right away.

170. What does an individual speaker’s enunciation convey to his listeners?

The way he speaks and how loud his vocabulary may be.

171. In what ways do an individual’s grooming habits or manner of dress communicate his values?

Because it shows that he takes pride in himself and he carries himself with respect.

172. To what extent does documenting a prison journey communicate an individual’s commitment to success upon release?

It help see what you went thru on a daily basis because it helps understand freedom values.

One of the exercises Michael embraced to develop his communication strategy included writing book reports. In Earning
, he wrote that books opened opportunities that contributed in meaningful, measurable ways to prepare him for triumph over the obstacles he expected to encounter. Each book had a purpose, and to stay on course, he used the following format to write his book reports:

  • How I came across the book (title
    of book):
  • Why I choose to read (title of
  • What I learned from (title of
  • Ways in which (title of book)
    will contribute to my success upon release:

 173. In what ways would writing similar book reports contribute to the development of your communication skills and preparations for success upon release? 

It can help me get my meaning across to what my life has been like and to learn how to put my life together on a letter level.

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