Timothy Lee/ Class 8: Relationships

by Timothy Lee

200. What relationship do you have to others in the world?

I have stained relationships with others due to my past decisions of bad choices.

201. To what extent do the decisions we make have an influence on the lives of others?

As of now, it has  a good influence on the guys I deal with here to do better.

202. In what ways does a relationship with God influence the choices we make or behaviors we pursue?

The relationship I have with God has changed my behavior in every way to make better choices in my life.

203. In what ways does our relationship to anyone else influence the choices we make or behaviors we pursue?

I have to be careful with how I deal with the guys because they’ll take my kindness as a weakness.

204. If everyone in society made decisions from the same code of personal values that we embrace, how would the world advance or decline for future generations, including our children?

My prior thinking was messed up so I cannot answer this question properly.

205. To what extent do your choices and behaviors match the choices and behaviors you would want your children or people you love to see and emulate?

I would want them to see a different me other than the way I was.  The person I am trying to develop has a new meaning to life.

206. What does it mean to you to live with integrity?

To stand by with principles and morals.

207. What does it mean to you to serve a prison sentence or to confront adversity with dignity?

Do not run away from your problems, face them head on no matter what is going on.

208. In what ways do your relationships with other prisoners influence your possibility for success upon release?

Some influence me in a positive way to get my life together because I have another chance at life and they don’t.

209. How do your relationships with other prisoners influence the way that prison staff members assess you?

They respect me because of the way I carry myself within the prison.

210. In what ways will your relationships with other prisoners influence the probation officer who supervises your release?

Learn how to accept different adversity coming from the probation officer because I’ve learned how to get around other prisoners garbage.

211. What efforts are you making today to influence the relationships you will have in the months and years to come?

I am trying to further my education to show my support that I am changing.

212. In what ways can you influence relationships with people beyond prison boundaries while you’re incarcerated?

Show them the changes that I am making during my incarceration to prepare for my future.

213. How would maintaining relationships with people who embrace criminal values influence your potential for success upon release?

Because it shows me that I need to watch the company I keep in prison and out in society.

214. In what ways do grooming and personal appearance influence your relationship with others?

It tells people that you take pride in yourself and show what kind of people you attract.

215. How do writing skills influence the potential for opening new relationships that may lead to success upon release?

Because your vocabulary and writing can show people the level of character you have about yourself.

216. In what ways are you working now to nurture relationships that may help you succeed upon release?

Continue to stay on the same page I am on with getting my life together.

217. What influence will your relationships with others have on your possibility for success upon release?

To present myself in better stands to show my growth within.

218. How would prospective mentors respond if they were to hear you attribute your predicament to the choices or actions of another?

That I am not taking full responsibility for my actions.

219. In what ways does the blaming of outside forces strengthen or weaken your potential for success upon release?

Blaming others is a weakness for potential success upon release because you are not being accountable for your choices.

220. How do your relationships with others influence the people closest to you?

People cannot change the relationships I have with others because I am my own person.

221. To what extent does living with transparency, or as an open book, influence relationships?

Living with transparency can cause different problems within someone’s life.

222. How would behaving one way with one group of people and another way with others strengthen or weaken your potential for success upon release?

 Because you are not the same person all around the board, you cautiously change up to meet with the other persons expectations.

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