Timothy Lee/ Class 9: Financial Literacy

by Timothy Lee

223. How would you gauge your level of financial literacy today?

I don’t have any financial means of my own at this moment.

224. To what extent would you suppose that financial literacy relates to your probability for success upon release?

I want to make a financial means while I am incarcerated to make probability more better upon my release.

225. What opportunities exist for prisoners to improve their financial literacy?

None if you do not have the right resources to help them.

226. How would you summarize the total costs of your imprisonment?

Very expensive into the thousands of dollars.

227. Describe ways in which in an understanding of the stock market may help you value investment opportunities.

Because you can learn how important the economy and value of currency work hand and hand.

228. How would improving skills to analyze the fundamentals of a particular stock lead to becoming a better small businessman?

You can see what direction a certain stock interest is going in demand for a company if it’s going up or down.

229. Describe the level of thought you are giving to your financial future.

Hope to be able to get work within Un** or a good paying job to put a couple of dollars away each month to have something put to the side.

230. Describe the level of preparations you are making to prepare for retirement.

Trying to get my career together with a college degree to work toward my retirement.

231. In what ways would an understanding of the U.S. tax code contribute to your preparations for release?

I do not know about the US tax code that could help me when I get out.

232. What is your understanding of entrepreneurship?

You are controlling your own business in sales and business adventures.

233. What would you attribute as a primary reason for business failures in the United States, and why?

Because they do not have a product on high demand as well as the recession that changes the economy.

234. If you were going to run your life as a business, how would you describe your preparation to succeed?

I would do things that would be beneficial to my life and productive.

235. What resources do you have available to you now?

I only have some family members to help get my life but is look for other resources to help me before I get released.

236. What potential markets exist for you?


237. What level of resources do you anticipate having on the day of your release?

Halfway house with other resources they provide with other family support.

238. What level of earnings do you project during your first three years after your release?

I hope to find an ok job paying above poverty a little bit better.

239. What level of earnings do you project during your first decade after your release?

To be situated in hopes of making a minimum of $50,000 plus in the first decade.

240. What action steps can you begin taking to increase your financial literacy?

It’s hard to find resources thru prison if you are limited to sources.

241. What relationship do academic credentials have to enhancing financial literacy?

It opens the doors to more opportunities because it shows that you are not a quitter.

242. In what ways would fluency with mathematical concepts and equations enhance your potential earning power or opportunities upon release?

You have the ability to learn new ways of life which is what you’ll be facing upon release.

243. In what ways would developing your skill with regard to reading, writing, and speaking enhance your potential earning power or opportunities upon release?

It shows that you use your time wisely while incarcerated to better yourself.

244. Describe the types of books that might broaden your financial literacy and thus help you prepare for success upon release?

The economy, stock markets, economics, trade market.

245. What resources will you rely upon to make financial decisions in your future?

The bank, credit union, with having accounts in these areas.

246. To what extent do you anticipate investment decisions having a role in your future?

Because you will be able to strategize your financial status.

247. Describe the resources you anticipate relying upon as you advance in age.

Family and friends when I reach advanced age.

248. What role will these resources play in sustaining your life?

Give me different answers with the things I’ll need help with in life.

249. How will you adjust your tolerance for risk as you age?

Realize that I use to be that person who was hard headed as a young person.

250. What influence would another problem with the criminal justice system have upon your financial stability?

It would cost me everything I owned like this case did which I lost apartment, truck and other financial means.

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