Victor Ellerbee/ Class 7: Support Networks

by Victor Ellerbee

174. In what ways do you perceive relationships with people you knew prior to confinement to evolve over the course of your imprisonment?

Only my mother do I have any positive thoughts for, everyone else I have nothing but negative and vile thoughts for.

175. In what ways have you nurtured support networks during the time you’ve served thus far?

My support system only consists of my mother.

176. In what ways will the support network you have in place now contribute to your success upon release?

She is my rock, I feel badly enough to be in here instead of helping her.

177. In what ways would you build a strong support network while you climbed through years of imprisonment?.

I am clueless on how I can do that, however I would love to meet new people that I can socialize with daily and talk about worldly events.

178. In what ways do support networks or the lack of support networks influence prison adjustments?

Of course positive support can make this experience bearable and the lack of it can really make a person feel unloved, lonely and a stew of other negative feelings.

179. To what extent are the values that those in your support network embrace harmonious with the values you profess to embrace?

My mother is a Christian woman and her values are sound.

180. What steps are you taking now to build or nurture your support network?

Staying close to my mother.

181. In what ways can those in your support network facilitate your aspirations?

Being focused on our shared paths.

182. In what ways is your support network helping you now?

Sending me letters and visits.

183. What level of allegiance do you pledge to your support network?

Staying out of trouble and vowing my undying support in helping my mom.

184. What incremental action steps can you to take to bring people you do not currently know into your life?

First by introducing myself to two people through a medium and with luck connect with someone who may be interested in befriending me.

185. What thoughts do you have about people who would be most influential to your possibilities for success upon release?

I do not have any preconceived thoughts about anyone.

186. Who are they?

Haven’t met them yet.

187. What interests do they have?

Don’t know.

188. How can you make them aware of your aspirations?

Through communication and being honest.

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