Walter Samuel/ Class 3: Accountability

by Walter Samuel

97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release.

I believe that accountability logs are very profitable upon release and for the man that wants to keep a written tab on how he is presently living. So I believe they are helpful.

98. In what ways will probation officers respond to efforts you’ve made at documenting your values, goals, and commitment to preparing for a law-abiding life upon release?

They can learn a lot from it if you are being truthful. If you can learn to be consistent in prison with a positive life style in prison, you can be consistent in society.

99. Elaborate on ways that full transparency with regard to your prison adjustment through accountability logs can influence potential employers or support networks.

If there has been any change in your life, with an accurate truthful accountability log people can see that progress is being made no matter where you started from.

100. Describe the role accountability logs played in their success:

Being a participant of straight A guide. I can see why Justin keeps accountability logs on those that are willing to give strong support in the program in prison. It shows the world what us as prisoners have accomplished. Also it will show that this program is prospering and can help many. Especially those that are short to be released. People in society have a first hand look at everyone that is in this program. It can be good if you are progressing, but it can never be negative. I truly think it is a very good thing. One year from now this program is going to be so big one man want be able to handle on his own. I see it going places.

101. How do universities evaluate which students to admit?

Grade points test scores and many other things.

102. What information do creditors consider when deliberating on whether to extend loans?

There are many. Income, assets, past payment history.

103. What governs investment decisions that people make?

I support it because I believe that it is not something new. Behind every successful person you will find some kind of accountability log.

104. How do your responses to the above questions support or refute the value of accountability logs? 

These logs keep me on track, and ensure I making progress. They totally support it.














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